Let Us Embrace Christ’s Values to Change Kenya

Posted by on 25th December 2017

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In a country where 80% of the population proclaims Christianity we can be sure that for the next one week it’s the message of Christmas that will dominate the country, but do we really manifest the traits and the philosophy of the person whom we celebrate?

Christ the founder of Christianity is the epitome of humility and love. The good teacher came to liberate the world from all forms of hate, theft, indulgence and all such vices, which unfortunately Kenya is deeply submerged in. Why would a country that is so religious be so evil? Is it a case of preaching water then taking wine? Might this be the kind of behavior that led Mahatma Gandhi’s expression of “I like your Christ; I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ”.

For instance in Kenya every public function starts with a word of prayer, yet we have one of the most corrupt public service in the world. Through corruption we have lost a lot including lives. We have public servants who embezzle funds even from the most sensitive departments such as health. Not so long ago, we woke up to news that billions of Kenyan shillings couldn’t be accounted for in the Ministry of health – medics were on strike, while hospitals are yet to be equipped and poor Kenyans continue to lose their lives.

Parliament opens every session with prayers, yet we still have members who steal from their Constituency Development Fund kitty without shame. In a country where modesty should be practiced at all cost we have elected leaders whose guiding star is greed.

Over the past few months, Kenyans have also allowed ethnic hatred to take control. We have stereotyped, discriminated and even at times killed. What has become of us? Can’t we allow the reconciliation Christ modeled to be evident in us this Christmas?

Christ represents love, honesty, righteousness and loyalty and if we embraced these values we wouldn’t have a problem lowering corruption in the public service and all other sectors come 2018. Kenya has turned to what prophet Isaiah would have called an “unfaithful harlot”, -though Kenyans carry Bibles every Sunday and have very progressive secular laws – we are rebellious and refuse to walk the talk.

For instance, for the love of bribery and perversion of justice, this December we have had a high record of deaths on our roads. The “bloody money” that our authorities receive on our roads has made the transport sector ungovernable and therefore a deathtrap. If only we followed the teachings of Christ and resisted bribes?

Finally, as we prepare to have the meals and drinks of the year, why don’t we spare a minute or two to reflect on our role as Christ ambassadors in this country? Let this Christmas glitter with moments of love, laughter and good will. Merry Christmas and a have reflective 2018!