“Addressing Historical Land Injustices in Kenya”- Interview with Senator Mutula Kilonzo Jnr.

Posted by on 22nd January 2016

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Uhuru visits Lamu and issues title deeds to Waitiki’s land squatters. The Kenyatta family gives 2000 acres of land to squatters in Taita Taveta. The two prior statements are recent examples of attempts to address historical land injustices facing Kenya. Given that resolution of historical land injustices remains very emotive is there an attempt to put a framework in place to guide the process? Which institution has the final say on the matter? The National Land Commission was established under Article 67 of the Constitution among other things to seek redress for Historical land injustices. The Commission is supposed to shield the issue of Land from political interference and bring a lasting solution to the question of land in Kenya.

Mzalendo interviewed Sen. Mutula Kilonzo Jr. who has been vocal in Parliament about the resolution of historical injustices on the current state of things and the options available to Kenya ahead of the 2017 elections. Watch the Interview here.

What do you think should be done to address land injustices?


  • by clinica medicina estetica on 2nd February 2016

    Interesting interview. Thanks for sharing.

  • by Nelson Mandela Mungami on 17th February 2016

    The national land commission is an independent body that should be given an enabling environment by the government to deal with the historical land injustices and give solutions without political interference. I support full implementation of the constitution.