Public Retraction: Tigania West CDF Mismanagement

Posted by on 13th April 2012

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Two months ago we published a report that alleged that the CDF fund for the Tigania West Constituency. managed by Honourable Kilemi Miwria was mismanaged.

The member subsequently got in touch with us to clarify the serious allegations and we subsequently took down the post.

We however failed to publicly acknowledge this, a significant oversight on our part.  In this regard we take this opportunity to unreservedly apologize to Honourable Kilemi Mwiria and the people of Tigania West for the aspersions unwittingly cast against him and his committee.

In the interests of transparency we also will obtain and publish the clearance from the EACC in this regard as soon as possible. we have obtained the letter from the EACC  as displayed below

Mzalendo is a non-partisan volunteer project started in 2003 whose mission is to ‘keep an eye on the Kenyan parliament.’ Mzalendo seeks to promote greater public voice and enhance public participation in politics by providing relevant information about the National Assembly’s activities, MPs, and aspirants ahead of the 2012 elections.

As such we have no political, or any other affiliations with any political party or politician, and are totally non partisan.

This matter has pointed out to us the significant flaws in dealing with content sourced from third parties, and dealing with the right of response. In this regard we are preparing a policy on the same that we hope will avoid any such occurrences in the future.

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  • by Isaac nkunja on 15th April 2012

    It is with alot of concern that i feel to comment to this. Kilemi is among few Mps in Kenya who have utilised and managed CDF to the maximun. To mention a few areas, he has funded all day schs in his constituency to his best. They are well facilitated comparing them to his counterpart frm eastern part of Tigania who leaves uncomplete project. In economic check Nchiru market and Kianjai market. He has implanted a Media House at Urru. He equally distributed the fund giving out by KAA to compensate the owners of Isiolo -Meru Airport. Congrats Dr.