When Inflammatory Statements are Made…

Posted by on 1st April 2011

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By Mzalendo Contributor – Moreen Majiwa

After I saw this http://youtu.be/G0WfPq8okno clip of the statements made by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance Uhuru Kenyatta at a rally in Murang’a.

I frantically looked for the translation, the tag line on the tweet asked “has Mzalendo Kibunja seen this?” so I knew that it may possibly fall within the ambit of hate speech. I found the translation as well as denouncement of the remarks here.

The denouncement, is full correct in calling the statements made by the Deputy Prime Minster/Minister of Finance irresponsible, inflammatory, inter-ethnically and intra-ethnically divisive, dangerous and detrimental to the cohesion that Kenyans have been working towards since 2007.

Yet, despite the inflammatory nature of the Deputy Prime Minister’s remarks the National Cohesion and Integration Commission is yet to react, and the politicians that were present at the rally are yet to say anything about his statements.  All in all there has been has been very little action.

The lack of action reminds me of a column in the Sunday Nation where the writer argued, ‘The leaders of the bigger ethnic communities simply will not seriously fight tribalism because it is through the voting power of the ethnic mass – not through ideology – that an elite individuals hopes to enter Parliament and State House.”

A politician is he who always inflates his tribe’s ego while, at the same time, keeping that tribe profoundly ignorant of its real needs. It is thus the for the purpose of the vote – not of ethnic development – that he manages to rally the ‘tribe’ behind him.

So the leader and elite of one big community see the leader and elite of another big ‘tribe’ as the enemy. Hence the necessity for the ethnic leader to encourage his deification by the ethnic mass if he is to ensure the ethnic vote. Thus the Kenyan liberator must first liberate every ethnic mass from the bewitching demagoguery of its elite’

Thankfully the voting public has the power through their vote to show disapproval for statements made let us it.

But we still ask shouldn’t Mzalendo Kibunja be responding to this rather than chasing his tail on social media sites?