Mzalendo Vox Pop: Cyprian from Mwala Constituency

Posted by on 15th March 2011

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Mzalendo Vox Pop is a feature where we open up our blog to our readers to share their views on their constituency or on matters related to Parliament.

About me: I am Cyprian from Mwala constituency.  I voted in 2007, one of the largest mistakes I made then by looking at the party the candidates belonged to instead of the individual.

Your constituency : Mwala constituency is marred by all the problems that can be found in a few constituencies in Kenya.
  • Majority of the roads are in pathetic state. Most of the roads are filed with gravel. There is nearly no tarmacked road. Most of the bridges broke down some years ago, and have not been replaced.
  • There is no tap water.  In fact in my location there is no even a single bore-hole, and that applies to the majority of the locations in Mwala constituency. Most of the rivers, the source of water, are dry and people have to travel for long distances looking for unclean water!
  • Majority of the population in the constituency live below the poverty line. They can rarely afford a single meal a day. Majority rely on subsistence farming, which has been impaired by the long dry seasons. NGO’s and even the government are still distributing some food stuff in the constituency.  This has not been effective because it’s not sustainable.
  • The health facilities are also in pathetic state in addition to being few and far between. For example, from my home area, we have to walk for five kilometers to get to the nearest government dispensary! The health facilities are also poor equipped. The few personnel available are not even well qualified to provide professional health services.
  • The same applies to the education sector in the constituency. Most primary and secondary schools are understaffed, some preferring to employ untrained teachers. Additionally, most lack necessary facilities.
  • The constituency has a bursary fund which is unfairly distributed to those who have “connections”. In fact it never reaches to those who really deserve it.
  • The CDF funds were/are being misappropriated and even an audit and investigation is required from KACC. An example is some project (e.g. Kwa-Nguta in Makiliva sub-location, Mbiuni location, where piped water was supposed to be developed. The project is market completed successfully, and yet it was never started.  Where did the money allocated to that project go?

In a nutshell, there is no development projects which have had a positive impact to the constituents since Kenya got independence, or probably in the history of Kenya.

Your MP
: Just like all the previous MPs in the constituency, Hon. Muoki has been a joke to the constituency.  The problems mentioned above paints clearly his progress, which definitely has been negative.  I would definitely not vote for him again in the next general election. At the moment I don’t have anyone in mind, but I would never elect a candidate based on his party, nor any of the older generation. We want a new “kid” from the block.

Message to your MP
I wouldn’t want to meet him, but if I did, I’d tell him to honorably step down and call for a by-election. I hope my constituents have learned something regarding voting for MPs in our constituency, just like I have. Next time we should vote wisely.

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  • by joshua muia sila on 23rd July 2012

    Hon. Muoki u promised me a job last year up to date nothing has happened am still jobless with a diploma in mechanical engineering plant option