Kenya Citizen's YES Campaign in Support of the ICC

Posted by on 14th January 2011

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Our politicians have demonstrated that they do not have an upper limit when it comes to impunity and acts that at best can only be described as shameful.

It is now up to us to fight back and speak out against their increasingly bizarre actions, a starting point being running around the continent – ON KENYAN TAXPAYER MONEY – to lobby the rest of the continent to withdraw from the ICC.   They seem to have quickly forgotten that they brought the ICC process on by dilly-dallying around and eventually voting down the local tribunal option (which they have now suddenly rediscovered).

There are various initiatives underway to make sure that Kenyans are not happy with the turn of events and the push to use taxpayers money to subsidize legal defense costs and anti-ICC lobbying activities.  A good starting point is the campaign to collect at least 1 million signatures of Kenyan voters who are expressing their support for the ICC process.   How can you participate?:

  • Email request for hard copies:  An email address has been set-up where people interested in getting forms can send a request. Just write to that email & someone will send you the forms and declaration as attachments so that you can print them out wherever you are & start collecting signatures.  You can also volunteer to host a physical location e.g. your shop where people coming through can sign the petition.
  • Download the petition here and the signature schedule here.


  • by william on 21st January 2011

    The site is very informative

  • by william on 21st January 2011

    The website is very informative