Is the Kenyan Cabinet the institution most in need of a purge?

Posted by on 12th January 2011

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By Mzalendo Contributor – Moreen Majiwa (@mmajiwa)

If recent headlines are anything to go by the current Cabinet is a haven for (alleged) criminals:

  • Three High-Level Cabinet officials, the suspended Industrialisation Minister, the suspended Higher Education Minister, the Deputy Prime Minister/Minister of Finance and the Head of the civil service are adversely named in the ICC Kenya case.
  • Two of those named by the ICC prosecutor also have cases in the domestic courts the Industrialisation Minister for abuse of office, and the suspended Higher Education Minister for fraud.
  • The Minster for Foreign Affairs is currently on suspension pending the outcome of investigations of financial irregularities in the procurement of the Kenyan Embassies abroad.
  • The Water Minister is also under investigation for irregular allocation of contracts in the Water Ministry.
  • The Assistant Minister for Water is facing criminal charges for incitement.
  • The Ministry of Special Programmes has been adversely mentioned in relation to misappropriation of funds meant for settling the IDPs.
  • The Ministry of Education has been cited for misappropriation of funds meant for free primary education.
  • Suspended Trade Assistant Minister Harun Mwau and the Minister for Internal Security have both been adversely named in connection with drug trafficking.
  • And just yesterday the Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission announced that an additional four ministers could face corruption charges by the end of this month.

And the list above covers only the most recent allegations of corruptions.  Many  previous cases of corruption remain pending e.g. Goldenberg, Triton, and Anglo-Leasing. Yet a surprising number of those linked with corruption cases both old and new remain in Cabinet. The reaction of the country’s leadership to the allegations of corruption has been disappointing to say the least.

Instead of a moving to reform a cabinet that seems engrossed in crime and impunity, there appears to be a move to dig in and stay put.

As Kenyans we must ask ourselves, is this the kind of leadership we deserve?


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  • by Alistair Leadbetter on 12th January 2011

    A good question. As the saying goes "a fish rots from the head" and the Kenyan Parliament is a fine example of this. The MPs continue to vote themselves big pay packets and enormous benefits (I think they are the highest paid in the world). They do not set a postive example to the people and therefore cannot complain about the endemic corruption throughout Kenyan society (where the people at the bottom of the pile are the ones who pay) There are too many people at the top of the pile who benefit from the current system. Unfortunately it's hard to see how a cultural change can be brought about within a whole nation where the powerful are all too happy with the status quo. Sorry for being so gloomy

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