Disband Parliament before they disband everything?

Posted by on 8th January 2011

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By Mzalendo Contributor – Moreen Majiwa (@mmajiwa)
The call by politicians to disband Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission (KACC) seems to be the latest in what could turn out to be a worrying trend.  One day after the resignation of Industrialisation Minister Henry Kosgey, over allegations of abuse of office, a section of ODM parliamentarians issued a two week notice to KACC to prosecute members of PNU suspected to be corrupt or face a censure motion when parliament resumes.
On December 17th, a section of parliamentarians led by Belgut MP, Charles Keter, called for the disbanding of the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR).  The MPs accused the body of working for foreign nationals and ‘fixing’ the six persons named in the ICC case.  They plan to file the motion to disband the body when parliament returns from Christmas recess.  And just before the Christmas recess, parliament successfully moved a motion to withdraw from the Rome Statute.
It seems that the parliament’s response when their members are called to account is short term tightened controls and disbandment of monitoring organisations. In crisis parliamentarians seem to default to practices of a bygone era in order to quell their own fears. Their primary mode is drawing from familiar experiences even in changing and vastly different times.

The calling of  leaders to account should not be viewed negatively. It offers the opportunity to for the country to the hit the reset button and use the turbulence to bring closure to the past, it is an opportunity for leaders to change the rules of the game, reshape the country positively.

And if parliament is unwilling to do unwilling to reset then perhaps it should be disbanded before they disband everything.


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