Mzalendo Vox Pop: Opinions on the Ocampo List

Posted by on 19th December 2010

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By Mzalendo Contributor – Moreen Majiwa (@mmajiwa)

The naming of the 6 has ended speculation of whose name could be on list.
Most people I spoke to for this piece have moved on to reacting to the revelation.
Below are some of the opinions:

Most surprising

For me its Francis Muthaura, before Ocampo named them, we speculated the
about whose name was on the list, and his name never once came up as one of
the possible people who were on Ocampo’s list. Though now that his name is on
the list its is hard to see how some of the actions taken by the police and army
during PEV could have been taken without he’s say so especially since he’s the
Chairman of National Security Advisory Committee.’

‘Joshua Sang, but mostly because I didn’t know who he was I thought the list
would be all politicians’

‘Henry Kosegy, he’s one of the people that I hear talking and I think that this
person wants to move the country forward so I’m surprised about him, but it just
goes to show with politicians you never know…it’s a doublespeak situation, they
may present one face and be completely different, I’m disappointed though.’

‘I was not surprised by anyone on the list but I think it should have been longer,
the 6 are the epitome of what is wrong with the country.’

Effect on the country

“I’m actually glad that there was a radio personality on the list the radio is the
main media for people in Kenya. Living in the city you get the impression that
most people have TV’s or can access the internet. The truth is most Kenyans
live in the rural areas and listen to radio, so radio presenters are very powerful
and influential. The naming of one of them as one of the person most responsible
reflects the power they have, and keeps the media in check given the fact that
vernacular stations are very popular.”

I think the progress with this ICC case has restored hope of people, particularly
the ones who are cynical about the ability to get justice in this country. When
you do something wrong you should be remorseful but in Kenya powerful people
have managed to get away with the most ludicrous things, so the everyday
Kenyan was in a state of learned helplessness – thinking that nothing could touch
the high & mighty most have given up, the ICC process might go some way in
getting us out of that mind set.”

I think what has happened with the ICC is good for the country, but only if it’s
successful. If it is successful it will be a starting point to ending impunity, people
will realise that even if you can manipulate internal system there are greater
processes that can take over. However if the process is not successful impunity
will increase, we will not be able to control it”

So what’s next?   The Prosecutor gave the court his documents containing the
findings of his investigation, the names of the 6, the crimes they are accused of
committing and the penalty he will be requesting.  The panel of judges will now
review the case documents presented by the Prosecutor and decide whether the
Prosecutor can proceed to file charges against the named persons.