Raising the Bar for MP party nominations – what the Mike Sonko saga reveals.

Posted by on 8th October 2010

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By Mzalendo Contributor – Moreen Majiwa

Headlines of outstanding warrants for fraud and forgery, questionable accumulation of wealth, and the recent road rage incident continue to haunt MP for Makadara the Honorable Mr Gideon Mbuvi Kioko aka ‘Mike Sonko’.  These allegations whether true or not begs the question how political parties nominate people to run for the much coveted post of Member of Parliament. With the exception of the requirement for popularity, what are the criteria by which parties use to nominate potential MPs?

Reading the headlines on the Makadara MP one would be hard pressed to believe that any vetting process takes place at all. If there is a vetting process it must not be at all rigorous, as how would one with skeletons practically hanging out of the closet get past even the most perfunctory vetting process?

In the morass of political venality and opportunism, the old dispensation presented ample room for manipulation by allowing direct nominations and hand picking of candidates by political parties with little consultation of citizens. However lets not harp on about the past, the election has taken place and the Honorable Mr Gideon Mbuvi Kioko aka ‘Mike Sonko’ has been elected to the Makadara seat.  Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt – some are already calling him the peoples MP. Let’s say for arguments sake that some vetting process was carried out and indeed Mike Sonko did pass the requisite background check. Not only will we be expecting to keep the promise he made upon winning the Makadara seat i.e. ‘I will honour all the promises I made to you when I was campaigning. I will continue standing by the people of Makadara and will continue being development-conscious, my main focus still remains ridding this constituency of poverty.”

We will be expecting him, his newly elected counter parts and the already sitting MPs to adhere strictly to Chapter 6 of the new constitution, a chapter which lays down the principles for our MPs in the new constitutional order. While we do not begrudge Mr Sonko his considerable wealth, we do expect him not to ever behave in a way that creates a conflict between his personal interests and ours i.e. the public and citizens Kenya. Considering his private interest in the matatu business, we expect that he will not be participating in any deliberations and decision making about how matatus will be regulated. We are expecting that he will not receive gifts unless allowed to do so by an act of parliament and we will expect that he will  hold no foreign bank accounts except in accordance with an Act of Parliament. That he will not ‘moonlight’ i.e. that he will take no other jobs, apart from the selfless service to the people of Makadara which he has already promised.

Yes the burden is heavy but that is the price that MPs have to pay, ‘to whom much is given much will be expected’. The authority that we the citizens give our MPs is an authority they exercise as a public trust, it is an authority given with the demand that they perform their function to the highest standard.  The standards and principles set out for our leaders in Chapter 6 of the new law are essential to the fight against corruption and a necessary ingredient for instituting a new democratic order in Kenya. We expect our elected leaders to “bring honour to the nation and dignity to the office” and be accountable for their actions.

Over to you Honorable Mr Gideon Mbuvi Kioko, MP for Makadara or Mike Sonko if you would prefer.


  • by Kenya: Raising the Bar for MP Party Nominations on 9th October 2010

    [...] Raising the bar for MP party nominations in Kenya: “Headlines of outstanding warrants for fraud and forgery, questionable accumulation of wealth, and the recent road rage incident continue to haunt MP for Makadara the Honorable Mr Gideon Mbuvi Kioko aka ‘Mike Sonko’. “ [...]

  • by praveen misra on 23rd October 2010

    just for your information this guy is cheater and coneman.really its shamefull for any country if we are having such type of Member of parliament. his arrest warrent order was issued by kibera court ,really its shocking how he can become m.p. regards,' praveen

  • by Mr Maneno on 19th November 2010

    Sonko, his bro in law Kabogo and their father in law Harun Mwau are the biggest farce to ever hit Kenya.. They are well known drug traffickers now banned from the US and other EU countries. Its only in Kenya they thrive by bribery and use of brute force... They should all be behind bars for their coccaine trafficking activities!

  • by Mali Mungu on 19th November 2010

    Well said Maneno... The whole lot should be hauled off to jail!!!

  • by praveen misra on 20th November 2010

    just for information this is praveen again. can i ask through this message ,what this kenyan government as well as investigation agencies are doing regarding this coneman.really not able to digest that how did this guy get the good conduct certificate from CID office becoz without this he cant contest election.it means complete system is disorganised in kenya.please this is my humble request dont spoil reputation of this beautiful country please save this country and punish such type of people otherwise one day they are going to doing very big mess for country. regards praveen

  • by praveen misra on 24th April 2011

    just reading all the news and seeing regarding the witness,which type of secrutiy kenyan government is going to provide us so we can come and give the witness. becoz these people are mafia they can harm upto any extent . praveen