Kenya Parliament debates New Constitution

Posted by on 26th March 2010

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The Kenyan Parliament is currently in the process of debating the proposed constitution. In a new and perhaps not totally unexpected twist given the fact that is *the* Kenyan parliament that we are talking about, the number of proposed amendments by MPs are flowing fast and furious. Never mind that they had the opportunity to express their opinions along with other Kenyans to the Committee of Experts (COE).

Ever since the process has been handed over to Parliament, it has been fraught with intrigues and posturing. It seems the MPs are (again) not keenly aware of the mood of the nation. Hopefully the COE will continue to assert its role professional as the principal driver of the process, and reject proposals that go against the wishes of Kenyans.

You can access the current draft and previous drafts of the constitution here.

You can watch video of some of the debate here and

What are your thoughts on the process? How do you expect your MP to vote? How would you like MPs to vote? Let us know.