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New Standing Orders Available on Mzalendo!

Posted by on 20th February 2009

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Kenyan citizens file suit demanding scrapping of the PSC

Posted by on 12th February 2009

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On Wednesday, December 10, 2008, the 17 Kenyans filed High Court Petition No. 769 of 2008, at the Nairobi Law Courts, requesting that the PSC be scrapped for violating the Constitution of the Republic of Kenya, and for flouting the republican ethics that prohibit public officials from using their offices for unjust enrichment and other forms of personal gain.

The Parliamentary Service Commission has appointed Mr. Paul Muite (immediate former Kabete MP) and Mr. Phiroze Nowrjee to represent them.

The case comes up again for mention on March 12, 2009, at the Nairobi High Court, Chamber 35, at 9.00 am.

You can lend your support to the case, by signing up to be a petitioner here. You can also find out more about the case including filed affidavits at the link.

Parliament needs to tackle CDF abuse

Posted by on 11th February 2009

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According to CDF Insight:

CDF Insight investigations have established that out of the fourty cases presented to KACC only two were taken before the law courts for prosecution, one was dismissed while the rest seem to have either been forgotten or are being investigated at snail’s pace. Mysteriously, the Director Public Prosecutions Keriako Tobiko indicates that his office had not received any cases either from the CDF Board or the KACC requiring him to take over prosecution as empowered by the constitutional law.

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