Keep up the pressure – where does your MP stand on taxes?

Posted by on 1st December 2008

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The list of MPs volunteering to get pay their taxes keeps growing (although one wonders where they were next week). Kenyans – please keep up the pressure and let YOUR representatives know how you feel about this issue. The updated list of MPs (courtesy Standard) who are willing to pay taxes is as follows:

-Those who have authorised deductions from their allowances:

1. Joseph Muthama

2. Jeremiah Kioni

3. FT Nyammo

Those who have expressed willingness to pay but have yet to act formally:

1. Kalonzo Musyoka

2. Samuel Poghisio

3. Mutula Kilonzo

4. Muhamad Adbi Affrey

5. Shakilla Abdalla

6. Charles Kilonzo

7. Kiema Kilonzo

8. Peter Kiilu

9. Peter Kaloki

10. David Musila

11. Victor Munyaka

12. Nur Abdi Nassir

13 Hussein Sasura

14. Benson Mbai

15. Isaac Muoki

16. Daniel Muoki

17. Gideon Ndambuki

18. Mwangi Kiunjiri

19. Wavinya Ndeti

20. Cyrus Jirongo

21. Ababu Namwamba

22. John Ngata Kariuki

23. Kabanda wa Kabando

24. Dick Wathika


  • by bankelele on 1st December 2008

    Paying taxes is fundamental; no one can claim to hide behind the constitution. If they insist that they are not going to pay, then Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) can wait for MP’s to leave office (be voted out) then sue them as ordinary citizens for back taxes and penalties.

  • by Joseph makindu on 18th December 2008

    These MPs need to lead by example. If they expect all Kenyans to pay taxes, they should also do the same. If not, Kenyans need to use the only known TRUE power we have over these MPs, VOTES. Lets get all MPs who have refused to pay taxes. That will be a very strong massage for future engagements with these individuals. Lets not get caught up in the business of taking money from them in exchange of votes. Take the money if you have to, but cast your vote wisely.

  • by samuel areri on 2nd January 2009

    I come from Nyaribari chache and I can see clearly my mpis among those who oppose to pay tax while he is being paid through the common citizen's tax.I, with afew other people have cried foul to the extent that we have made him develope a constituency website so that those of us who live in the diaspora can track development in our nation.You know what, these guys are so cunning such that they give a satisfying post such as the projects are on.While the reality on the ground is that the money has been depleted before identifying any project.Can these mps be followed and be prosecuted with long time service behind bars for lack of transparency and accountability? Wondering areri sam

  • by Stanley karaya k. on 4th January 2009

    We only have two 'waheshimiwas' in the entire 10th parliament.Hon.muthama n Hon.kioni.all the others are just but hungry and selfish crooks who need not be leaders.anyway they should know that when the cry of the poor reaches heaven, the result is mysterious deaths of those leaders.we dont know who's next on tha que.

  • by Abdullahi on 3rd February 2009

    Let the wahishimiwa's pay tax! dont u know that the Ordinary citizens are the ones paying your salaries??

  • by m water on 24th July 2009

    what? even the honorable,doctor, bishop does not want to pay tax ? hmmmmmmmm

  • by irene on 4th December 2009

    Every MP MUST pay tax, then the others should follow. If not that, let no one commit him or her self in paying tax.