CDF Spotlight: Langata Constituency

Posted by on 24th October 2008

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The CDF Project has been doing some great work around following up on the implementation of CDF projects and sharing the information they collect with a wider audience. So far they have worked only in Nairobi, with plans to expand elsewhere in the country. It’s a difficult job that they are doing – government and CDF officials have been generally unresponsive – but they have still been able to collect some good information. With their permission, we will be sharing the work they have done with you on Mzalendo. We hope that they are able to sustain their work so that by 2012 we can have an issue based record on which to assess the performance of MPs. As usual we encourage you to share your comments and feedback on how your MP is performing in the comments section.

CDF Report Langata: MP Raila Odinga

Amounts allocated:
– 2003/04 Kshs 6,000,000
– 2004/05 Kshs 22,218,788
– 2005/06 Kshs 28,735,319
– 2006/07 Kshs 39,807,498
– 2007/08 Kshs 40,053,371

Overview of project implementation
: The Langata CDFC did not do a good job engaging the public in project planning and implementation. As a result, we could find very little local knowledge of project, or any project documentation. The quality of work in some projects like the Kongoni Primary School, Madaraka Primary School and the link road between South C and Mombasa road was poor.

Assistance received from local CDF committee: The journey to Langata began in early June 2008, when the contact person, Mr. Opieta arranged a meeting to be briefed on the CDF Social Audit Handbook. After the discussion, he referred us to Mr. Kehta, the CDF committee secretary. Mr. Kehta requested that we submit a letter stating our objectives. We did so in early July, and soon received a response referring us to the project coordinator at the Langata CDF offices, located at the Langata DO’s office. However, after several attempts to schedule a meeting, we received no response, and so began our project visits unassisted.

Project Reports: Click here for details on the following projects –
o Madaraka Primary School
o Link-road between South C and Mombasa Road
o Kongoni Primary School – Re-carpeting of Classrooms
o Kongoni Primary School – The Repair of a Parking Bay
o Langata High School
o Security Light Mast at Laini Saba
o Upgrading of the Laini Saba Sports Ground

More resources about the Langata CDF:

– Historical information, click here.


  • by CLK on 13th October 2009

    Excellent research and accountability! We need this in all that the government does! The work you are doing is great - keep it up! CLK

  • by John Mark on 16th October 2010

    These are public funds and there seems to be some lack of accountability. What is the next step in determining why funds are missing and not being assigned to the most pressing areas of need such Kibera slums sewage, lighting, roads, and housing?

  • by Ariane on 23rd May 2012

    GD Star Ratingloading...GD Star Ratingloading...I discovered on Google and ckheced a few of your early posts. Just added your RSS feed to my MSN News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you.GD Star Ratingloading...GD Star Ratingloading...