CDF Misuse

Posted by on 22nd October 2008

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The Constituency Development Fund (CDF) has been in the news for the last couple of days.

First, there are reports of politicians meddling with the process of appointing the new head of the Fund.

Second, there is controversy about the poverty index that determines how much is distributed to each constituency.

Finally, there is the recent auditor general report revealing rampant abuse of CDF funds, with Saboti constituency topping the list of offenders (under the previous Parliament). You can read more about the mysterious death of the former Saboti CDF manager here.

This is one area where we would like to encourage Mzalendo users to keep their eyes on and report on what is going on in their constituency as far as CDF use / misuse. It is not always easy to get the information, but nothing beats hearing stories from the ground – how is your MP using CDF funds in your constituency?