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Posted by on 16th September 2008

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  • by steve karani on 20th September 2008

    I think the real site might actually be All the rest look like jokes so they are probably fakes.

  • by MOSES MUCHIRA MUTHIKE on 7th October 2008

    just as the saying goes. glory starts from home. i would urge my MP Hon Martha Karua to set up A "Digital Village " in his constistuecy so that we can be able to visit her website , and create awereness to the people of her intention to vie for the presidency.Note that the whole of Gichugu has no access to Innternet hence there is need to set up one . Still there is also need to setup a Library center where people can have access to Knowlodge that will drive developmnet in the area.I wish you all the best and don't give up for presidency we shall give you full support.

  • by alex kiptoo kipyegomen on 26th April 2009

    The strength of woman will only be proved when acts but not to talk, its the time to lay strategies to win , not to sell flowers when Kenyans want fruits.

  • by harry on 26th April 2009

    hey martha, we know you can do it and take kenya to be one of the greatest country in africa and world as well.but one thing you should do to make this dream come true is to apologise to us when you supported kibaki on rigged election and our western votes will be yours but otherwise we believe you can change this country especially now you should merge with odm to bring reforms in parliament.go martha go.God bless you and God bless kenya,keep on saying this in your speeches in your rallies.

  • by Duncan Kathaara Karani on 14th August 2010

    I strongly support u madam cos of ua actions. I accept the way u reacted cos of the corrupt judiciary we currently have hence u even resigned from the cabinet to show ua full support in eliminating corruption in Kenya. Go for the high seat and God wl bless u. I strongly support u.

  • by Charles W.Mwangi on 25th November 2010

    Hon. Martha, you have always stood for justice please help us to fight imputy in the name of Philemon Mwaisaka Wawaka. Mr. Philemon Mwaisaka Wawaka: Newly Appointed Commissioner in The Commission for the Implementation of The Constitution We have Civil case No 391 0f 2009, Miscellenious Civil Application No 2 of 2010 and Miscellaneous Civil Application No 191 of 2010 in Mombasa high court, in which Mr. Mwaisaka is involved. In Miscellaneous Civil Application No 191 of 2010, we filed an application for an order of contempt against Mr. Mwaisaka, after he disobeyed two court orders; the first one given on 4th December 2009 by Hon Lady Justice Odero in open court, prohibiting the defendant from parting with the plot in dispute until the matter was heard and determined and the second one prohibiting subdivision and issuing of new titles from the plot in dispute ,given by Hon J. Ojwang in open court on 11th January 2010. Mr. Mwaisaka colluded with the then senior registrar in the Ministry of Lands and illegally changed the plot number of the suit property. Then he subdivided and sold the plots after illegally acquiring new title deeds .As a result we have filed an application for contempt orders and is due for healing on 8th of December 2010. In the first civil case, No 391 of 2009, we have challenged Mr. Mwaisaka’s 78 acre title deed for plot no MN/III/515 in Mtwapa and we have produced evidence to show that the plot was illegally acquired when Mr. Mwaisaka was a district commissioner in Baringo. We are convinced that it was wrong for Mr.Mwaiska to made one of the commissioners in The Commission for The Implementation of The Constitution. In the past Mr. Mwaisaka has clearly demonstrated that he does not honour the law of the land and thus we believe he cannot be trusted with the noble duty of implementing the new law. He has also in the past been accused of using unlawful means to deal with his “competitors”. He forcefully evicted those who had taken him to court despite the orders given by the honourable court. Even court process servers were not spared; they were roughed up and intimidated by a gang working for Mr. Mwaisaka in his presence and this made us request the court to allow us to be effecting service through advertisement in the Daily Nation. We believe that it is our civic duty to warn Kenyans and point out the obvious weaknesses in Mr. Mwaisaka which could prevent him from fulfilling the mandate of the office to which he has been appointed. We have strong evidence to show that Mr. Mwaisaka is man of questionable integrity and hence he is a low deal for the country. We are ready to present all the documents needed and evidence required to substantiate our claims. Yours faithfully, Charles Wachira Mwangi

  • by mahmoud on 17th April 2011

    I think Martha has something up her sleeve. There is someting magnetic about her and her conviction. It is possible for her to lead Kenya.

  • by ben muriithi ceki on 21st April 2011

    Hon Martha Karua is a born nononsense natural leader,and can change the landscape of kenya leadership.She is wise,intelligent,courageous leader,she is issue based ,easily accessible and visionary leader.GO MARTHA GO MARTHA GO MARTHA......

  • by Jane Gathimba on 26th April 2011

    Martha is strong and intelligent woman with a great vision for this country. Am with her all the way DONT TIRE MARTHA, GO FOR IT, WE ARE RIGHT HERE NEXT TO YOU

  • by Jane Gathimba on 26th April 2011

    MARTHA has always shown her love for this country. GO MUM FOR THIS SEAT AND LEAD US

  • by s p n mugambi on 29th December 2011

    Hon.Karua, I personally beleive is the best among all the candindates who have declared so far. However she will face all out war from corruption cartels and powers that be since they know she will fight them. For us common people, we will live to regret if we dont take the chance to rid kenya of thieves.

  • by phides on 3rd January 2012

    would like to me you great woman.....

  • by Rev. Dr. Isaiah Muita on 19th May 2012

    Hon. Karua You stand on principles I believe in. Strength, determination and courage without fear are the marks of a great leader. A heart that cries for the hurting, marginalized, left out, stepped on, and the poor people, proves a called leader. Fighting graft, teaching the population on truth, reconciliation and dignity, are the marks of a true leader. I believe you got them all. You have my support. Keep up the good fight. And together, we will win!

  • by blanche arange on 1st June 2012

    I would like to have a meeting with you and talk business thankyou

  • by oluoch wenwa on 30th June 2012

    Hi mum! you need to make up your mind on the stand that ua party will not collabo to other political parties. It is not late u can still pronounce it. Even-though me i had hope in u plus other citizens.

  • by snagton on 28th July 2012

    i believe Hon Martha has all what it takes to open up kenyans eyes n revive the lost opportunities,u are our crown president ooh yes u deserve it.

  • by Lillian Njoroge on 6th August 2012

    Hon. Karua, Just let women know you will provide free medical care across the board. people die of lack of acess to hospitals and medical compared to Hunger. Onces there is surely that medical health is there, believe you me, automatically people get about their usual business without worrying and hence reduces sickeness levels. The mind settles and we move on with our normal chores. Women, wake up, why can't you vote for your own. You and I know very well why we are educating our daughters, to be respected, self reliant, Martha will take this nation to that level. Why should you keep on relying on men for handouts, if jobs are created and all women have employment, imagine what this nation would be like. We shall continue respecting our men at the same time uplift our families, relative and friends. Lillian , Nairobi.