Kenya Budget 2008

Posted by on 12th June 2008

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Unlike last year, the Ministry of Finance has not been diligent about putting up budget related documents on their website. Perhaps due to the long hiatus and confusion arising out of the post-election crisis, which required the Ministry to focus on other matters. We do hope that the official documents will be made available soon. One wonders what exactly the e-government department is up to?

A summary of what’s forthcoming in the budget is captured here.

Bankelele also has a great summary on his blog.

The ministry had earlier put out a notice asking Kenyans to send in their recommendations for the budget. Some views can be found here.


  • by MUKNUA S.0LWETE of Luanda.. on 14th June 2008

    We want to see the translation of the budget.We hope CONSTITUTION REVIEW matters have been addressed as timetabled.Our village polytechnics need not only woodwork instructors but also for motorvehicle mechanics.Otherwise how do we repair your motorbikes MR. finance minister

  • by samuel n areri on 2nd August 2008

    Now that fighting is over, pm in office and cabinet fully constituted, I would wish like any kenyan to expect the promises given during campaigns to start emerging.The only one which I am siting back to see how is tackled is the majimbo promise.This unless carefully executed may be worse than what we saw during elections.Raila used this to get the pm seat and carefully has put orengo on lands to move the people who legally bought land in rift valley and have settled there ever since, this may not be healthy at all.this will spark unending war in Kenya and watch it.Raila has lost his credentials already on the basis of corruption and this issue will put ODM to rest if the people cannot be settled on their homes where they were attacked,attackers be prosecuted with severe sentences and be assured of security. God bless Kenya

  • by Gerardo on 23rd May 2012

    I strongly beevlie that this plan to cut programs such as Medicare and Food stamps will not go over well with the voters if congress lets it through, therefore I think it's a very bad idea. I don't think people would be able to look past how it's hurting us now and look forward into how it will help us get out of debt in the long run. However, Newt Gingrich's plan of shrinking the size of the government is a good idea instead of trying to get the revenue to catch up with the government, but if they could think of a faster more efficient way of doing it, the idea would be more popular with the voters.