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Posted by on 28th December 2007

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We’re now up to 95 constituencies, view the latest list here

BTW guys need to relax a bit on the requests for updates. We’re doing the best we can with our staff of two, and my laptop rapidly (and I do mean rapidly) approaching its deathbed. I was last in bed on Wednesday.


  • by diasporan on 28th December 2007

    Guys: Easy on the local bloggers- they dont have good bandwidth :-) try The Electoral Commission website as well http://www.eck.or.ke/elections2007/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=8&Itemid=8

  • by KENYA360.NET on 28th December 2007


  • by Joshua on 28th December 2007

    Thanks for the great work fellas. We really appreciate.

  • by Ben Kiilu on 28th December 2007

    To all Kenyan Bloggers on the ground, we truly appreciate your work. Many thanks. For the old guard, pack and go gracefully.... For the young & incoming blood, well done for sending a strong message ' we Kenyans will not tolerate political mediocrity and non delivery of promises made'. However, just as in the corporate world, Kenya PLC expects results from you. We want to see responsive leadership, strong leadership, leadership that represents the electorate, leadership that has zero tolerance on corruption. We want to see decisive and execution centred leadership. We want to see absolute comitment to making things happen. Just like shareholders bray for the blood of CEO's who dont deliver, the electorate will be watching, make no mistake.. We want you to lead with passion, trust, comitment and most of all to lead with focus on the important matters. matters that will bring step change in economic and political performance of the country. Bloggers... Keep Blogging for the check & balance... Cheers Ben K aka BigBen www.benkiilu.com

  • by anxious Kenyan on 28th December 2007

    curious where are you getting your results from?