How to support Edwin Macharia's campaign

Posted by on 5th June 2007

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For those who’ve been asking for details on how to support Edwin’s campaign for Kieni, here are the details:

Send a check made out to Edwin Macharia to:
Edwin Macharia
PO Box 2011
Nairobi 00100


Edwin Macharia
c/o James Mwangi
Dalberg Global Development Advisors
205 E42nd Street, Suite 1830
New York, NY 10017

2. Donate via paypal ( to this email address:

To make suggestions or volunteer for the range of programs running in Kieni, please email


  • by C on 6th February 2009

    Hello Edwin What is the nature of your projects in Kieni?

  • by Morad on 23rd May 2012

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