Kudos to MP Peter Kenneth!

Posted by on 24th December 2006

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MP Peter Kenneth of Gatanga constituency has followed in the footsteps of Prof. Anyang Nyong’o and has set up a rather informative constituency website, which has details on the constituency’s profile, recent projects, and CDF allocation.

We hope other MPs follow suit and realize that there is much to be gained by keeping their constituents informed.

: Another fantastic website is Bahari constituency website that’s been set up by MP Joe Khamisi (hat tip Osas!)


  • by Njoroge on 24th December 2006

    Hon Kenneth epitomizes the kind of young, dedicated, and diligent leadership needed to change the course of Kenya's social, political, and economic fortunes. We need more like him.

  • by Osas on 31st December 2006

    The best constituency website by far is maintained by Joe Khamisi, namely http://www.baharikenya.com . A shining example in form and content.

  • by Victor on 16th March 2007

    Mbooni Constituency has a website too. www.mbooni.com Thanks, we've added it.

  • by Muigai Gachanja on 22nd August 2007

    Hon Kenneth has done nothing new in Gatanga. A website while brilliant is a case of a prioritising matter that is important but not urgent. Gatanga continues to lag behind in educational development. Also its only in Gatanga that bursary disbursment is buried in more mystery than Soviet-era KGB files. Also the roads in Kakuzi Division made me almost cry{In addition to ruining my vehicle} We need a person who practises equity in CDF allocation. Kwaheri Kenneth

  • by wambui on 5th September 2007

    i think that Peter Kenneth has tried alot compared to other MP's in kenya and although he hasnt worked on everything that everyone wants he should be applauded for the stuff he has done. I would particularly want to acknowledge the work done on the road from blue post to Gatura and again to Ndunyu. Kudos sir!!

  • by Kangethe on 28th September 2007

    Kenneth is the man.You will be the first M.P at Gatanga to be elected twice since multiparty system.In my opinion he has done something to be seen in or corners of Gatanga consituency. Keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!

  • by XYSTUS WAKEI on 26th October 2007

    You need to visit Gatanga and see what Peter has done. The brilliant part of his achievement is his involvement of the people on the ground in charting their destiny and organising them to achieve set goals. There is still alot to be done in the lower Gatanga,especially Ithanga, Greystone ,Mwana wi kio,Swani and Kitito . Peter needs to encorage Delmonte and Kakuzi to assist in the provision of basic amenities like water and roads maintainance. Otherwise ,Peter is the best so far and he deserves another term!

  • by wambui nding'uri on 30th October 2007

    you have done the best for Gatanga.KUDOS KENNETH!

  • by kenneth kadenge on 9th March 2008

    I was going thro the website and what i saw is really commendable. Congrats on your re-election as it epitomizes the feeling of your constituents that you serve them well and hence deserve their representation. It is my wish that you will continue with the same motto though my suggestion is that may be at a later stage you would like to introduce e-learning in your constituency besides other ICT related issues and i would be of great assistance. Kudos Kenneth!!!! and god bless

  • by ngethe kamau on 23rd March 2008

    who is peter kenneth the man?

  • by Howard on 25th May 2008

    what's been said kinda true, we haven't seen any lyk him and thats why he deserved the second chance. My appeal is about the constituency polytechnic: he should let it shine just lyk other projects, the youths have been neglected in Gatanga as long as you are not connected to the few,sorry to say so. We,re waiting for something good to be done to the youths. Kudos Sir.

  • by kangethe kiarie on 25th June 2008

    peter ken!! you are a lengedary.. we chose you since we need and require your help to apparently lift up gatanga's youth!! they've the abilities and the potential but no opportunities!! kudos!!

  • by walter nyoike mberethi on 22nd July 2008

    I sent a mail almost 3 months ago concerning ICT in Gatanga but I never got a response .Do the posts we send get to our beloved MP or they are too many to respond to?

  • by A concerned Kenyan on 10th August 2008

    For those of you who are still clinging to the dippy notion that he is the one who was behind the revival of the Thika-Gatura rd, I'm very irate because that is not the case. That was one of the government's projects to upgrade all roads in Kenya. Did anyone listen to the 2004-2005 budget reading? I even question how much he contributed to that...it's still not 100% clear. And if very few chances come out he worked on it in one way or the other, why was it the road from Thika to Gatura (Ndaka-ini) and not the muddy Kakuzi roads that are calling for urgent attention? Will I be wrong if I said that he made sure that was completed first so that he can have a smooth ride to his new villa near Gatura? And, for your information, how could he oppose a motion to tax mp's salaries after all they have amassed since 2003 while the poor Kenyans keep digging deep into their pockets for food, health, and other services?? Is that realistic? Isn't that enough to deduce what kind of a person he is? Isn't this an eye opener of what kind of leadership he is practicing? Hit from the back and hide? This is not a typical leader who cares for the Kenyans. He cares more for something beyond our naked eyes, something very familiar to anyone who knows what it means to brand politics 'a dirty game!' Let's open our eyes wide and keep our ears open too.

  • by carol Ndung on 9th September 2008

    Hi Peter thanks alot for the good work in Gatanga but can you help some of us to get better employment as your constituents.

  • by P K Kionga on 14th February 2010

    Hi Bw Kenneth. I have chosen you for 2012 whether u like it or not. In order to get more people on board I will need to know the following: what you stand for, your experience, area of expertise? What issues are you look to change? What does you agree with. What changes are you look to make? What do yousee as our future. What's is your position on tribal politics, corruption, crime/security? Whats is your position on christianity and islam - somalia What does he think about the constitutional review? I have faith in you. I know many will do too. No more monarchy's and common names. it is time we woke kenyans up, then africa.

  • by Ngatu Kanja on 27th February 2010

    Definitely good things have happened since Ken took over. I was born and brought up in Gatanga and its the first time am seeing these kind of developments. Ken keep it up and aim even higher; sky is the limit.

  • by James Kungu on 30th July 2010

    Kenneth is the right man for this place, lets support him coz he is brilliant and we can help especially in making use of the local talents. Long live our mhesimiwa

  • by jacob k.njuguna on 31st July 2010

    Every coin has got two sides.Its whorthwhile noting that our mp has done a commedable job,but on the other side if some ares are lagging behide,he shouldnot overlook that.Remember good things are easily fogettable but bad things remains in peoples mind foever.Take up the challenge and have a solution.Have a youth agenda and address the issues afecting them.

  • by jesse on 8th October 2010

    ok we do appreciate by improving the infrastructure but in kigio we have water,stima,dispensary n police post.but youths r being burried daily due 2 changaa pls do sometin

  • by julius maina on 25th January 2011

    peter keneth a hero man. am not from your constituency but i normally visit there and i have seen what you have done. i would like you to show other mps who went parliament to sleep how the work is supposed to be done. me and my family are ready to vote for you the presidency post.

  • by James Gichana on 4th February 2011

    I admire Mp keneth for a good job done.I wish i was a member of your constituency to be proud once for a member of parliament.I come from west Mugirango and i ask when will Mr Keneth be born in West MUGIRANGO?Thumps up Mp Keneth.

  • by Grace on 17th May 2011

    Ur a man wth grt ideas. Kip it up. I lyk ua projects in turkana

  • by Geff Van Cher on 13th July 2011

    if only we had a dozen legislatures who think and act like Peter Kenneth, i bet this country would be ranked among second world nations. Your honor, go for presidency.

  • by joseph on 21st October 2011

    kudos peter keneth but also remember the issue of water which has not been resolved,especially to eastern side of gatanga

  • by mwangi on 27th July 2012

    lets say the truth. comparatively with the rest of MPs he initiated high impact projects which are very useful to the constituents. hospitals used to be very far (thika) but now we have even a martenity wing at kirwara hospital catering for mostly all types of illness. you can even see our mp inspecting projects using a public means( matatu) how many are this humble.