Parliament website finally re-launched

Posted by on 17th December 2006

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So the official Parliament website was finally relaunched on December 16, with much fanfare and grand proclamations. Speaker Francis Kaparo referred to the website as “dynamic and international.” We are not quite sure about that…what we do know that it is still very outdated. One wonders why it has been down for all this time if nothing much as changed, not to mention the fact that it is a bit absurd to relaunch the website just when Parliament is going into a three month recess.

In any event, this is good news for the Kenyan public and for Mzalendo. IF the website is updated regularly, we can focus on indexing and collating data much in the same way like theyworkforyou (for those wondering where the Hansard is, it’s coming…we are just working hard to present it in a user friendly way). A little bird tells us that eventually the hansard and other data will be presented in XML, therefore making it easier for sites like ours to work with the info. We hope the bird is right.

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  • by Graeme (UK) on 15th March 2007

    hmmm - the smell of nepotism is thick in this one. The new website was designed by a company called Ski-Pix. Now one look at Ski-Pix' website had me convinced that these guys are definitely not world-class web designers. Not only does their site look about 10 years out of date, it just looks terrible (like a 17 year old kid's first web design attempt in Front Page). They just look totally amateur compared to professional web-design outfits. So which member of parliament has a cousin/brother/sister/wife working for Ski-Pix?