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Posted by on 17th November 2006

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– MPs pass Finance Bill but shoot down critical amendments. More detailed reporting on the vote can be found here.

– MP Billow Kerrow on why the Finance Bill amendments were shot down.

– Legislators should sustain spirit of Finance Bill debate .

– Insurance bill approved by Parliament. Only 9 MPs contributed to the debate and the bill was passed without the requisite quorum. Only 22 MPs were present instead of the required 30.

– 7th public university approved by Parliament

– Anti-money laundering bill presented in Parliament. You can access a draft copy of the bill here.

– MPs cautioned by Speaker against asking questions of personal interest.

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  • by E-Nyce on 2nd December 2006

    Hello. I want to add my appreciation to you all for providing this important information about the Kenyan government. There is one very large limitation to your efforts: the Nation's premium content. NationMedia (and some other online news outlets) locks out its articles after a certain time. In order to access them, you must acquire a PAID subcription. So many of the links you give will not point to the actual article. There's two ways to get around this restriction: copy the text of the article into your post, or maybe store that text in an archive that you maintain on your site; OR make links to another website that has essentially done the same thing - copied the text. BTW, don't point to AllAfrica - they too lock content after some time. Cheers, and All The Best P.S. Tried to send this via your Contact Us link but got an error: Thanks for you comment. We've fixed the contact us link and we've written to AllAfrica to see whether they can make their archived articles available to RSS users in the same way that the NYTimes etc. does. In the meantime, we can't copy the whole text as you've suggested because that would be violating copyright protections.