Standing Orders

Posted by on 8th November 2006

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  • by bankelele on 8th November 2006

    great resource & great find. I'll have a better understanding of parliament once I digest the report - which could happen next year!

  • by Shiroh on 8th November 2006

    Cool, now i will see the one that bans me from entering parliament after hours.

  • by al on 10th November 2006

    For the love of God, you guys (the guys running can come up with an interactive province/district/constituency map like the one on the Zambian parliament website....i wrote to request this a while back but i don't see anything yet....what's taking so long? Kenyans are so far ahead of Zambians economically yet they can't even nagivate the districts and constituency maps to get a visual effect to how their map looks like, where the boundaries are actually are and so forth...they deserve it and i sure hope you guys can give me and the other lovers a pleasant surprise sooner rather than later. Al arap Too