Machage, Wilfred Gisuka (Dr.)

Posted by on 19th July 2002

Categories:   MP Profile

Status: Past

Party: Democratic Party (DP)

Constituency: Kuria

Date Of Birth:

Gender: Male

Employment History:
1983 – 1986: Medical Officer, Ministry of Health
1986: MOH, Kwale
1986 – To date: Private Medical Practitioner

Primary Education:
1963-1969 C.P.E, Isabania P. School

Secondary Education:
Taganganya Secondary School
1974-1975 Chavakali High School
University Education
1976-1982 University of Nairobi
Bachelor in Medicine and Surgery

Parliamentary History

2007    Elected Member Of Parliament    Kuria Constituency     DP  PARTY
2002    Elected Member Of Parliament    Kuria Constituency    NARC PARTY

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Phone Number: 0733-451806/0725834575
Physical Address:
Postal Address: P.O. Box 41842, Nairobi, Kenya

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No committee membership

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No questions at present

No bills at this present time

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  • by Mogaya Chacha on 23rd October 2008

    Young Professionals Hi guys, I am a proud Young Kurian and proud of our people too. I look back many years and nothing much has been done to uplift development levels in our home districts. As young professionals, people with a vision and who are ready for the next big things, what is our role in achieving maendeleo in Kuria. It begins with us. Think a bout this then we can see where we are heading to. LEAVE POLITICIANS ALONE, THIS IS THEIR GAME (LYING) AND WE CAN NEVER BEAT THEM IN WHAT THEY HAVE PERFECTED unless we do something. Think of what we can do.

  • by on 4th February 2010

    ADD COMMENT You have real tried to come up with our area by bringing us where are others by electing one ambassador,DC,DO, CREATING A NEW DIDSTRICT CAALLED KURIA WEST and other small ministries. What you have gotten, our kuria children who have qualified and have got Deploma Certificate wherby they can be attached to public sector EG NGO,GOVERNMENT and other instollation. You as MP we know that you have so many thing to do on behave of our constituency but most of the peoble are not aware of you duties. But try to do good work to our people for the period remaining. GOOD BYE and GOD BLESS YOU.

  • by MAGAIGWAH on 6th February 2010

    FORGOTIVE AND IMPORPANT ISSUE IN OUR AREA. Their is a place as Assistant Minister of Roads you have forgotten in our home Land Kuria. May you bearer with my opinion that in our Rural Area starting from Moheto in Mabera Sub District rural road to Bwirege to be dug and put rural Electricity so that you can also creat JOB to young men who have went courses partainning Eledctricity so that that they can be Employed them self and also make other fill like joining others to get Money and avoid being involved with any kind of criminology in the Area. Also I thank you for being alone out of more than 52 tribe, but dont mind one day we are soon going to get another MP for Kuria West who will assist you to the other side and the Administration would became easier to you and us Kurian as a whole.

  • by Mogaya on 7th February 2010

    Haiya! I support you my brother on the Idea of Jobs but one thing you have to understand is that The MP is not an employment Bureau and he will only be of much help as a god Father plus if you found the job yourself and not him to get you the job. Plus this idea of MPs Being ATM should end in our Kuria Homeland..

  • by TEGERE CHACHA JOHN on 19th February 2010


  • by chacha on 25th February 2010

    development sir,you are good yes but please try to balance your development agenda esp.doing right to communities you think didnt vote you in 2007 elections atleast try even to pretend you care.

  • by chacha juma on 10th April 2010

    roads hivi yeye machage hupitia barabara gani akienda nyumbani kwake kwani barabara ya kutoka migori kehancha ni kama barabara ya kupitiwa na nyumbu wala si binadamu. lakini yafaa ukumbuke wewe ni waziri msaidizi ktk wzr ya barabara je utalala hadi lini? amka acha kulala nairobi njoo ujionee vile kwako kuna poromoka na wewe wajenga kwa wengine aibu kwako.

  • by Nyaisaria on 26th April 2010

    Kurians lets face "them" Yeah!!!!! Kuria people we should be proud to be who we are no matter what.We have come along way despite the let down of our so called MP,s just like the current one, they ONLY care about how much they pockets during their time in parliament but they need ask them selves what legacy do they leave behind?We put them on NOTICE and let them know we are watching the time of "isukare" is over and I have one prayer to my people lets keep unity in Kuria Land.

  • by Paul Nyatigi on 26th April 2010

    You can make the difference This guy has made up his mind to support the culture of impunity. The question is this, when he insists on retaining the old constitution, whose interest is he fighting for. We are busy trying to move away from the culture of greed and despondency, yet he is stuck tooth and nail to this. The only way out of the old mindset is to vote yes to make the incoming law a reality.

  • by James monanka on 16th May 2010

    Kuria kurian please be careful when electing somebody in the parliament!! Don’t just look after money that when kuria can come up and be self-righteous of the country. And the one elected please try to help everybody in the country even if she/he did not vote for you that’s when she/he will week up and know that you are imperative

  • by Kabaka on 20th May 2010

    Kudos Machage Machage has done his best and I dont think any of you who have been commenting negatively here could have done better except to parrot for nothing. Sometime back in College they taught me something "Critical thinking" That is in simple terms to think before we talk something that most kurian bloggers on this page have failed to do. Kuria is a small community and if you cant critically analyse the national politics and get to know that our smallness denies us alot, then i guess none of you saddists will ever come to understand that Machage doesnt fix the roads but its the states responsibility to fix them. How do you expect him to do better for you when you Kurians don't give him any support? Anyway let me not waste my time coz none of you bloggers can even convince a rat out of its hideout... I submit to all.

  • by Nyangi Alphonce on 30th May 2010

    Thanks we kurians, we have to thank our mp, since he has enabled some of his people to atleast study in abroad (scholarship) that is government sponsored, how happy are we? we go a head barking in his back! Shame on us! Thanks a lot. My heart is full of happiness...