Kathuri, Emilio Mureithi

Posted by on 19th July 2000

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Status: Current

Party: Democratic Party (DP)

Constituency: Manyatta

Date Of Birth:
Gender: Male

Parliamentary History

2007 Elected Member of Parliament, Manyatta Constituency

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  • by NDWIGA MURIITHI JAMES on 29th May 2008

    DISGUISE FOR THE POOR Hi sir, we know your capability don't make our efforts for change futile but let it have fruits.sir i am in the CO-OPERATIVE COLLEGE OF KENYA ,I have a problem of raising my fee,My remaining balance is 24000 KSH.I would be very glad if you assist.THANKS

  • by Wilson Waita Muasya on 27th December 2008

    Altered perception If a government values anything more than its citizens and freedom, then it is not a servant but a master. So whatever it values more whether comfort or money is an altered perception which becomes normal with time. One hope to induce normal perception in the future is a free media . Let the media be free. Merry Christmas and happy new year

  • by SAMMY KARIUKI NJERU on 12th January 2009

    MANYATTA YOUTH NOT REPRESENTED IN THE YOUTH CONVENTION Hon. Kathuri,you have started disappointing YOUTHS of manyatta quite early. Between 15th & 19th sep 2008, there was a NATIONAL YOUTH CONVENTION at BOMAS of KENYA from all contituencies. The MP was supposed just to nominate the Youths from his constituency and the convention organisers were to cater for the Transport and accomodation expenses. The most DISAPPOINTING THING is that there was no SINGLE YOUTH who was nominated from MANYATTA CONSTITUENCY. And you know what? HON. MBARIRE nominated 13 YOUTHS from RUNYENJES Contituency. Please take note, EXPOSURE & INTERRACTION WITH OTHERS YOUTHS WILL MAKE MANYATTA YOUTHS TO GROW INTELLECTUALLY. so we have lost one golden opportunity

  • by Muthoni Mbogoh on 1st February 2009

    Development of Manyatta constituency Now that the dust has settled after the (in)famous elections, I wish to urge the youth and women of Manyatta to forget handouts from any quater and to realise that personal development starts with you! I recomend that you carry out research and mix with different people...and get out out Embu more to visit others in your region and further afield. You could start with Gichugu and ask yourselves why they are ahead economically than we are. Stop electing MPs on whim, incitement and euphoria. There is lot to be done in our precious Manyatta if only we think clearly. Let us rededicate our efforts to finding solutions to the many problems that beset us. There are practical and sustainable solutions to Youth Unemployment, generation of income, health, the environment and food security - manyatta is not too big for thesesoltions-they are not insurmmountable.

  • by Linus Kariuki Njeru on 26th March 2010

    A DREAM NOT REALISED Dear Sir, It is never too late. The people of Ruguru Location under the previous MP remained behind in terms of development projects. They were instrumental in voting for a change they could believe in. Although we would not like to complain, we need electricity and roads projects like yesterday. This is a high potential area agriculturally and a major economy resource of the constituency yet lags behind in terms of development projects. Come to our rescue. A shame those who have predicted that you will not deliver the goods home. Kind regards

  • by patrick muturi nyaga(joblee) on 30th July 2010

    mheshimiwa, what happened to the p1 teachers recruitment in Embu?does it mean that we shall continue being exploited by ruthless proprietors for the better part of our productive years?shall we be used only during our sunset years when we become exhausted?the private sector will milk us up to the last drop.its so pathetic and needs to be addressed.

  • by njiru on 2nd September 2010

    kathuri you are a major let down to pple of manyatta. please go back to your dads' matatu business coz thats where you shone.in manyatta honestly we need to recall you from parliament.