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Democratic Party (DP)

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Democratic Party (DP)


Democratic Party (DP)
Founded: 1992

The Democratic Party is a conservative political party in Kenya. At the last legislative elections, 27 December 2002, the party was a partner in the National Rainbow Coalition, that won 56.1% of the popular vote and 125 out of 210 elected seats. The party itself took 36 of these seats. At the presidential elections of the same day, the party supported Mwai Kibaki, who won 62.2% and was elected. Kibaki is the leader of the DP.

At the Kenyan general election, 2007, Democratic Party is part of the newly-created Party of National Unity led by President Mwai Kibaki.



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1   Kathuri, Emilio Mureithi 2007
2    Machage, Wilfred Gisuka (Dr.) 2007
3    Kibaki, Mwai Emilio 1997, 1992
4    Munyao, Joseph Konzolo 1997, 1992
5    Mwenje, David 1997, 1992

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