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Posted by on 21st May 2018

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RE: Headline story on People Daily

Our attention is drawn to a headline story on the People Daily newspaper titled: Mute honourables [sic]. The story published today, May 21st is misleading as it attempts to link us with a survey claiming 14% of MPs have not uttered a word since the inauguration of the 12th Parliament.

We wish to clarify that we have not yet done any survey or reports on the 12th Parliament. We also wish to clarify that no journalist has reached out to Mzalendo to comment on any issue concerning the 12th Parliament. The information published is therefore misleading and injures our reputation.

This is the second time in a span of one month we are issuing out a notice to the public warning of a published story claiming we have done a survey on MPs. We therefore strongly advise Journalists and Media Houses to adhere to Media Council of Kenya’s code of conduct for the practice of journalism in Kenya. It’s irresponsible for a reputable national paper like The People Dialy to publish a story without proper verification of sources that could lead to bias reporting or misrepresentation of facts.

We therefore request in accordance with the second schedule of the Media Council Act, 2013 that the paper correct this promptly to reflect the facts and offer an apology. Lastly, any surveys and reports we do on Parliament are thoroughly researched and released annually. Additionally, where such a report is done, we always release to all Media Houses for action.

Yours sincerely

Jessica Musila

Executive Director

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  • by Edwin on 22nd May 2018

    May De Responsible Carry Dea Cross