This Parliament looks rogue; we must now put pressure on them to focus on our priorities

Posted by on 15th September 2017

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It’s sad when people elected to represent and make laws on behalf of the people swear an oath to conscientiously guard and protect the constitution only to disregard that vow a few days later.

Ngunjiri Wambugu, Nyeri Town MP has filed a petition with the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) seeking to remove the Chief Justice from office.

Chief Justice Maraga is the man who put Kenya on a map having nullified the presidential elections following the bungled August 8th polls-proving the Judiciary was truly independent. A ruling that has been received well all over the world.

That Jubilee as a party wasn’t happy with the ruling is understandable as the President and his deputy are only human. However, the Nyeri Town MP’s overzealous petition has nothing to do with why he was elected. All this is in a bid to impress his party bosses.

The people from his constituency according to a research by Kenyatta University have challenges implementing the Special Needs Education (SNE). The reasons include but not limited to socio-economic factors, socio-cultural among others.

Only last year, the great people of Nyeri presented a wish-list to President Kenyatta ahead of his visit. Top on the list was alcoholism; challenges coffee farmers were facing; the proposed construction of mega dams for Kieni and Tetu-which directly affect the livelihood of the people in Nyeri town but the Nyeri politician thinks getting Chief Justice Maraga from office is what is important to his constituents.

He’s not the only one mixing his priorities. Aden Duale the majority leader and Garissa Town MP has promised to tell people from his ethnic community that NASA presidential candidate Raila Odinga is the enemy of the people from the North; to mean North Eastern Kenya.

Hon. Duale took issue with the NASA leader’s demands that IEBC purge the individuals who bungled the August 8th elections.

Every sensible Kenyan knows IEBC’s image is tainted and action needs to be taken to restore confidence but the Garissa Town MP decided to go ethnic; conveniently forgetting other names on NASA’s list that are not from the North, including the CEO who is from Western Kenya.

Hon. Duale like Ngunjiri Wambugu swore to defend the constitution and the rule of law a few days ago but the Jubilee politician no longer sees the need to follow due process and brings ethnicity instead.

Never mind North Eastern Kenya has been the most politically and economically disenfranchised part in the country since independence. One would imagine there are more pressing needs in Garissa Township than protecting one public servant alleged to have committed an electoral offence.

In a shocking statement following the killing of hundreds of students in Garissa University, the terrorist group Al Shabaab described the region as “colonized land” to mean they were in control of the area.

As long as other Kenyans are not free to move safely in Garissa, any MP elected there should make it their co-business to strengthen security in that region and promote inter-county tourism and make the terrorists realize the North is part and parcel of Kenya.

The majority leader is not the only one making careless statements. The President shocked the nation a few days ago when he said Parliament would impeach Raila if he wasn’t president-no other sound reason was given to justify the impeachment. He also boldly proclaimed he had enough numbers in Parliament to change the constitution.

One therefore wonders what kind of Legislature the 12th Parliament is shaping up to be.

A Parliament that can impeach the president simply because he’s not likeable to them. A parliament that can change the constitution to fit whatever the Executive wants. A Parliament that threatens another independent arm of the government such as the Judiciary.

The common Mwananchi unlike privileged politicians need responsible and accountable institutions. If public servants working for an independent an institutions like IEBC can commit electoral offenses leading to annulling of presidential results and go scot-free, surely what message are we sending?

Did the MPs understand the meaning of the word, “conscientiously” that some of them were struggling to pronounce? If they did then they will do what is motivated by the moral sense of right and wrong. And some things are out rightly wrong.

Coincidentally, today the world celebrates the International Day of Democracy and the theme this year concentrates on “the critical need to strengthen democratic institutions to promote peace and stability.”

Petition to remove Chief Justice Maraga does not help in strengthening the Judiciary as an institution and neither is the desire to protect alleged criminals strengthening the IEBC to remain independent and foster peace and stability. This actions speak volumes and must not be taken lightly.

In the meantime, Wanjiku will do well to keep pressure on their elected Members of Parliament to remain focused on the priorities of their constituents.