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Posted by on 14th May 2010

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By Alan E Masakhalia – Ebumagunda Village, Butual Constituency.

My Constituency:

Butula Constituency is in dire need of help in almost all the major sectors, there is biting poverty, inadequate access to medical care, poor roads, frequent hunger, decline in agricultural productivity etc.

The previous MPs namely Dr. Omoto Yekoyada and Hon. Prof. Christine Mango had really tried to better the peoples lives, they actually went out of their way to serve the people.  During Prof. Mango’s time Butula was actually credited with having the most efficient and most responsive CDF team whose output greatly improved the peoples livelihoods.

All those gains have now been lost as the projects started by the previous leaders have been left to stagnate and even collapse. The most serious being the case of un-utilized clinic/dispensary buidings all over the constituency. The former MP, Prof.Christine had used CDF funds to but up numerous clinics and dispensaries. She however left office before they became operational (but the buildings had been fully completed).  These assets have now turned into white elephants as the current MP has no plan or intention of making them operational.

For example, the beautifully finished dispensary bulding at Ebukhalalire Center has now been turned into a meeting joint of boys and girls as well as women groups!!!!

My MP:

I bet that most Kenyans would argue that one of the MPs in Kenyas parliament is one Alfred Othiambo Bwire!!!  I amm sure that even if he walked through town and even boarded a matatu at Railways nobody in the matatu would imagine he was an MP!!  Hon. Alfred Othiambo has NEVER brought a single bill to the floor of the house, he has asked ZERO questions that might be of benefit to his constituents, he is a member of ZERO commitees of parliament.

I am not God hence i wont judge my MP more than this BUT I believe the people of Butula have to reconsider come 2012.

As for 2012, i believe the chance has to be given to either Mr. Michael Onyura Aringo (fomerly of KRA)  or a young and vibrant and equally progressive lawyer with a national clout Mr. Simon Namada

These two seem to be the best bet for a more prosperous Ebumarachi/Butula Costituency, and if one of them got the chance to lead the people he would surely lead us to Caanan – the land of milk and honey, as well as put Butula Constituency on the national scene.

Message to my MP:

Mulembe Mweshimiwa,   thanks for your representation, but we ask that you please be more visible, more active and even vibrant both within Butula and even in the national scene. or if that is too much to ask then, you can also be active in the matters of the larger western Province.  Lastly Mweshimiwa,  please please please do something about these dispensaries that are yet to start being operational, so that people dont always have to trek upto Murumba hospital.


  • by justus keya mulongo on 20th July 2010

    Its good you know about Butula,but i believe the last time you have been in your constituency is 2007.Lets be logic the people of Butula,we are never satisfied with what we own,its our notion we marachians that we are never contented with our MPS,be it Chr.Mango,Masakhalia and so called Namada or Onyura.I believed Hon.ODHIAMBO was completing the standind stalls that Christine Left. Now this years budget bare with me that is now Odhiambos new projects and ican highlight some of his plans for marachi: 1-To ensure that every Secondary school gets power. 2-Every dispensaries to be complete and function able with power properly done. 3-Jinja-Bumala road tarmacked 4-Rem. He fought for the Distrct and now he is supporting for its development. 5-Odhiambo is after improving so many areas in butula as in eduction,health,envronment etc.I SAY THS COZ NINAONA AND I BELIEVE ODHIAMBO IS MAN OF PROSPERITY AND ADMINSTRTION. NB; Remember ODHIAMBO IS A SKIMMER AND NEVER JOKE WITH HIM ..REM.2007 HE WAS THE ONLY ASPIRANT WHO GOT VOTES IN EVERY POLLING STATION IN THE WHOLE CONSTITUENCY.NOW 2012 WATCH HIM AGAIN.

  • by Alex on 24th November 2010

    Justus, it's unfortunate that my dear MP has to wait this long to realise that the dispensaries need completion. We must appreciate that he's the first Marachi mp who seeks revenge on his constituents rather than lobby for them to acquire lucrative positions in government. He believes if you didn't stand with him you are an enemy and if aren't a boot licker you've no chance of working with him. By the way, is there any Mmarachi who's benefited from our being in 'government'. Anyway I don't blame Odhiambo, it's all about a complex we all learn of in psychology. There should NEVER be a next time. GOD FORBID

  • by Abwao J on 20th January 2011

    Leadership in Busia as whole needs to be goal focus we should move from individualism.My Leader to come in Butula,Samia,Nambale,Teso, and Bunyala. I request to come on round table talk on the promblem affecting your people on the ground. Work as a team, give civic education to our people in deferent area. I know we are blessed with good natural resource. We should learn from most of our fellow Kenyans like Kikuyu,Kisii,even kalenjini. they form SACCO'S in from Mbonga salling,Tranport sector, and even property developing.If we want develo we have to move away from (INDIVIDUALISM)''

  • by nathaniel on 25th February 2011

    just to resopnd to Allan, please watch the procceeding in paliament , to see the mps who do not talk in paliament Hon Odhiambois not one of them.

  • by Akida wangara on 24th June 2011

    It is good that we are able to read some of mweshimiwa's plans as brought to our attention by my fellow Butula constituent, Justus. sincerely speaking,for the first time is when i've heard of Odhiambo's plan for a year since he took over. the tarmaking of Jinja-Bumala road was not Odhiambo's plan, let him not take advantage of the coincidence of events that the road is tarmarked when he is the M.P and now it is his innitiative. If it is his plan why didn't he tarmak it immediately he took over from Mango. We need vibrant leaders who will give us a name. At times you meet somebody at campus and you fear even talking about your MP. We need somebody who will give us the pride but not the one who hold grudges for his critics.

  • by nathaniel on 16th October 2011

    lets appreciate our leaders and give credit where it is due. If you are not satisfied with what Hon Odhiambo is doing, AS THEY SAY "ngoja yeye kwa debe " otherwise he should be given the support required. When ALEX talks of a psychological complex some of us are left wondering which school of psychology Alex went to.

  • by Edwin Khainga Onyango on 5th November 2011

    We should account for CDF kitty that we use and we should come out with those who have notexisting projets that I have seen above, so that any culprite should be accoutable for his/her deeds. We should justify what our MP does, not only on projects that has been passed in the parliament by their colleagues. Who knows what took them there Alternatively, the work of MP is to represent us 'Marachians' not cheap politics back home. It doesn't matter your proffession but your wisdom and PR in that house and links with powerfull individual so that he/she can empower we MARACHI YOUTHS.

  • by Boaz murono on 20th February 2012

    Am so much impressed by the kind of arguements you people are bringing foward and i strongly believe they are development oriented.i tend to disagree with some posts with malicious intentions.every leader has got their visons and they need to take baby steps in achieving their intended goals.its a big shame to some pple who think they are representing the bright thinking members of the society yet they dont seem to embrace the many changes that have been realised through mr alfred odhiambo's man is perfect n its just a matter of time and full support that we can take butula constituency to the admired levels.what have we done as potential members of the marachi community to better the lives of our colleagues who are still wallowing in the miasma of poverty before we initiate the pointing of fingers to our honourable member of paliament??...we should start by refraining from using defematory statements in such forums if we realy want to take butula constituency to the next inteligent person will alway say a glass of water is half full and not half empty,,,lets major on the positive side of has taken our beloved mp 5years to institute the tangible work most of which is still in progress,a think we shud add him 5more years to finish what he started!!!