30 Dec 2:00 Update

Posted by on 30th December 2007

Categories:   2007 Elections Breaking News

We’re now up to 164 members. Sorry again about the delay — people have to sleep, eat, etc.

We’ve also added a facility to view the seat distribution, accessible from the navigation bar on the left hand side.


This will allow you to see the number of members each party has.


You can further drill down further to see these members.


We’ll update the official results as soon as we get them from the ECK


  • by kev on 30th December 2007

    Nice. Seems to be a lot of counting problems in Kenya..take Kanu in the seat distribution (9) and only 8 members in the list ??? haha. Good job guys, sure it's a genuine mistake

  • by Harrison on 5th June 2008

    You guys at Msalendo.com have done an excellent job creatingand setting this web page. Yes, it is a bit outdated in aspects, but ist is a cool beginning. Keep up this is the way to go. The analysis on the bloated cabinet is really eye opening. I cannot believe the govenment doesn't see anything wrong with this size of government. 'Kula tu hapana jali mambo ya kesho' - jinyakulie tu... In other words they know if they can enrich themselves now - they will be taken care of with this wealth far into their future. SO why wory about what the poor electorates think.

  • by Soroat on 23rd May 2012

    Love it, love it, love it!You're developing a real winenr in my view, please keep it up.The overview' is a fantastic option, I can't think why Google does'nt make you an offer you can't refuse, honestly!Thank you team!