Constituency Profile: Juja (Part 1)

Posted by on 31st October 2007

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By Mzalendo Writer

It will indeed be a riveting and expensive battle in Juja Constituency, which is in the heartland of Central Kenya, and money is expected to play a critical role in deciding who becomes the next Juja Member of Parliament in the December 27 general elections.

The cosmopolitan constituency, which is in Thika district, is largely a business zone as most of its bigger part is dry thus not conducive for farming. Quarries and coffee estate dominate the bigger part of the constituency.

It has a large immigrant population, which is estimated at 30 percent of the electorate. They are mainly factory workers in the industrial towns of Thika, Ruiru and Juja. Githurai, a populous area adjacent to Nairobi also falls under Juja constituency.

William Kabogo Gitau
, a wealthy and flamboyant Sisi Kwa Sisi politician is the immediate former Juja Member of Parliament and he would be seeking re-election. He is commonly referred to as “Chopper man” for his love of a helicopter which he owns. Come the December general election, Kabogo, 47, will square it out with hordes of aspirants, a notable force being an equally wealthy businessman, the “Citi Hoppa” bus company chief executive Mr. George Thuo. Residents are describing the scenario as the battle between a helicopter and a bus. Mr. Thuo is a business associate of internal security Minister and Kangema legislator Mr. John Michuki. Mr. Kabogo has claimed that Mr. Michuki is on a mission to ensure that his ally and business associate ousts the Chopper man.

There is quite a lengthy list of other aspirants in Juja constituency including: Mr. Dick Githaiga, a constructor and a long time buddy of President Mwai Kibaki; former Juja Member of Parliament Mr. Stephen Ndicho who is currently a preacher; Ms. Alice Wambui Ng’ang’a, a young stone mining agent; Dr. Kiama Wangai an advocate cum pathologist’ Mr. Francis Waititu Munyua an Estate Manager commonly known as “Wakapee”; Mrs. Beatrice Wairimu a women’s leader; Mrs. Mary Kirika, a businesswoman; Mrs. Eunice Gathigia Githua; Mrs. Agnes Wangui Kibugu; Mr. Charles Ng’ang’a Muchai, who contested the seat in 2002 on the ruling National Rainbow Coalition (Narc) ticket and came second to Mr.Kabogo; Mr. David Nzioka and Mr. Boniface Karanja, a social worker with the Anglican Church. It will indeed be a tight pick for the voters in Juja constituency.

Mr. Kabogo has vowed that he will pour money into Juja and make sure that nobody dislodges him. He has however received a lot of negative remarks from constituents for conducting his meet the people tour with a chopper, which is considered showing off. According to residents, he has done very little for Juja people despite his remarks that he has enough money to an extent that he can loan the Kenyan government. Mr. Kabogo is on record saying that he is not in Parliament to make money but to assist poor people of Juja.

As far as his development record, he has installed electricity in most parts of Juja constituency through the Constituency Development Fund (CDF). A number of police posts have also been put up through CDF. Those which have been completed include Mwiki Police Post in Githurai location, Prison AP Post (Kihunguro) and Kahawa Sukari Police Post both in Ruiru location. Others include Ndururumo Police Post and Thika Location Chief’s Toilet in Thika location. CDF funds have also been used to put up several health facilities such as Athi Dispensary, Juja Farm dispensary and Gatuanyaga Dispensary, and roads in Kiandutu slums and Athena have been greatly improved.

Mr. Kabogo is praised by many to have a touch for the needy and poor and he is also praised to be a man down to earth despite his immense wealth. He is considered by many voters as somebody who is always on the ground. He is very popular especially with youths and he has stayed close to the ground throughout his entire tenure the last 5 years. This would be a big plus for him come the voting day. He has, however, not been having a cozy time with some key government officials including Michuki who may campaign against him.


  • by pilato on 8th November 2007

    This is good..Am proud of your site..saw it in on SA's news24...keep up with the good work

  • by muthoni maina on 28th November 2007

    this is good bt bear in mind that no one in is re-electn Kabogo......his has ceaselessly insulted Juja people...Thuo has lead to the fall of 3 companies....what a good example....we need sme1 who's gt his history based on Juja that is none other than Mr. 4 Alice she cn wait till 2012...when she'll be a bit popular.....i am certain that Githaiga is winning...

  • by Jackie Njoki on 23rd February 2010

    What has wealth got to do with anything? we need leaders with vision, politics should not be a popularity contest or wealth show down.

  • by Mutiso Boniface on 9th August 2010

    Am proud to be associated to Juja,can we vote wisely in our by election lets judge by once did not wealth

  • by peter mwangi on 11th September 2010

    hope in women,juja needs that,not a politician but a leader yes 4 alice

  • by Brian_mwau on 24th September 2010

    I wonder whether one would be more humble, by claiming humility as part of his/her character? And are people more likely to be impressed (inspired) rather than insulted when diplay of wealth is used to court them? And the crude truth is politics has everything to do with money. The more a candidate's net-worth, the more independent he tends to be, and therefore less vulnerable to corruption and special interests. Good examples: John Harun Mwau, Paul Kagame( the RPF is worth over $20 billion) New York mayor Michael Bloomberg(currently the10th richest man in America), chelsea owner and 2nd richest man in Russia, Roman Abramovich.etc.

  • by joseph on 13th June 2011

    yes yes this man is the king of youths i respect him and count him as the mp of the season.thanks mheshimiwa and the advisers.

  • by Juany on 23rd May 2012

    ... I don't seem to be able to get an answer to this qusetion, but I'll try again: what is satirical or amusing about telling someone 'I'm watching you', 'I could be in Westminster next week' and threatening to string them up from a lampost?Come off it yourself Kerry... with respect, you don't fool me. You clearly have political aqaintences from Chicago and Boston, you're not that naive surely?If you seriously feel threatened by those taunts and believe them to be more than simple bravado, please do inform your local constabulary.Granted, they might not be conductive to political discourse - see we can agree on something - but don't you understand why people have resorted to using this kind of language?So, to answer your qusetion; people feel they are being ignored. The polite cough doesn't work any more. When we write to our MPs they don't reply - ever! When we vote on the basis of a manifesto promise its simply tossed aside after the election. Our Prime Minister refuses to answer qusetions and belittles the opposition. He tells us "No more boom and bust" and "We're the best placed country..." etc. Massive stop the war protests ignored. Ed Balls lies to Parliament this week. You, Kerry, lied about a concerted campaign against you by the Libertarians. Harriet Harman loses the argument on Ch4 News but simply vows to press on with her anti-prostitution policy regardless. 45 minutes, 42 days... the list goes on and on and on.What are ordinary people supposed to do when they are so roundly treated with such contempt? When MPs pretend to engage but turn off their blog comments the moment they don't like the answers? When the political classes huddle together and freeze out the little people?Playing nice doesn't cut it any longer... you simply ignore us. There are HUGE numbers of people out here who don't even watch the news any more because its ceased to be relevent to them... in other words they're disconnected from everything. Even those prepared to hammer away and argue, to attempt to persuade and appeal are increasingly feeling disenfranchised from the political process.And there in a word is your answer: Disconnected.Unless we resort to the brutish, most basic language we are simply dismissed - and even then it rarely works. Certainly some will cheer and boo when the words 'lamposts' and 'MPs' are mentioned but it is serving its purpose, it is attracting a large and vocal audience to the likes of Guido and Old Holborn. People who, by accident or design, have been able to provide a stage for the little guy to have his or her say.Mark my words Kerry, we might not condone the nasty politics of Boston or Chicago but we are learning how to fight like them. The words you highlight above are tame, I can promise you they will get worse unless our elected rulers start to listen. Kerry, the folks are tired, we've had enough. The angry silent majority is rising up and will be heard. We don't expect you to look beyond the anger... we just want you to listen and understand WHY we are so angry. Is that too much to ask?