Outrageous MP performance continues

Posted by on 3rd August 2007

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The controversial Media Bill was passed with only a dismaying 27 MPs in attendance, that’s even less than what’s required for quorum so we wonder how that is legal.

In other news, MP Njoki Ndungu uses that “it wasn’t me” defense to support the highway robbery that is sendoff package. She claims that the proposal wasn’t really the MPs’ idea but that of the Cockar tribunal. We ask, so what? Did the government have to accept it in light of their already outrageous salaries and the endless list of ways in which the taxpayers money could be better spent.

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  • by Atthuecelallumanic on 23rd May 2012

    All the best for your educational work with Mr Lunn. He suelry needs to hear from "his" people to learn how to represent you better; I have come to believe it is our jobs as citizens to teach our politicians what we know, because they don't have time to know it all. And they are often, as in the case of Conservatives, being misled by big business and their own party.