Standing Orders

Posted by on 8th November 2006

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Yet another milestone!

Doubtlessly you have heard about this mysterious thing called “Standing Orders”, the rules and regulations that govern the operations of Parliament. I’m sure, like many, you have wondered what these rules and regulations are.

Well wonder no more — you can read them here.

They make for quite some interesting reading!


  • by bankelele on 8th November 2006

    great resource & great find. I'll have a better understanding of parliament once I digest the report - which could happen next year!

  • by Shiroh on 8th November 2006

    Cool, now i will see the one that bans me from entering parliament after hours.

  • by al on 10th November 2006

    For the love of God, you guys (the guys running can come up with an interactive province/district/constituency map like the one on the Zambian parliament website....i wrote to request this a while back but i don't see anything yet....what's taking so long? Kenyans are so far ahead of Zambians economically yet they can't even nagivate the districts and constituency maps to get a visual effect to how their map looks like, where the boundaries are actually are and so forth...they deserve it and i sure hope you guys can give me and the other lovers a pleasant surprise sooner rather than later. Al arap Too