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Posted by on 12th September 2006

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In the aftermath of the recent coverage that we received in the Nation, we have been receiving some off-line inquiries regarding how MPs can participate in Mzalendo e.g. if they want to update their profile.

First, we want to welcome all MP participation in whatever form it takes. Our vision for Mzalendo is to build a resource that is useful to both the representatives and the represented. We are not anti-anyone. In addition, as the election campaign process in Kenya becomes more media and technology savvy, and as Kenyan voters begin to demand more accountability from their leaders, MPs might be interested in establishing and building a web presence. Mzalendo is a great way to do that and we are more than happy to help any MP who wants to reach out to his/her constituents via Mzalendo (all for free!)
So how can you participate as an MP?

1. Send profile updates or constituency news via the contact page.

2. We get emails every week from constituents who are looking to get in touch with their MPs and who would like questions answered by their MPs, if you would like to receive updates about questions that are directed to you, let us know via the contact page.

3. Are you sponsoring a Bill, send us the draft copy via the contact page.

4. Anything else you’d like to see on Mzalendo? Criticism or concerns? Want to get in touch but prefer to stay anonymous? While we prefer to know who you are, we recognize that some MPs might want to have get in touch anonymously for whatever reason (perhaps suspicion about who we are and what our agenda is). You can use an anonymous email address to contact via the contact page.


  • by joe on 14th September 2006

    I dont mean to use this site as an instrument to shame members of parliament but a recent interview by the standard newspapers on Ms Adelina Mwau a kenyan member of parliament and Assistant minister for labour had me fumming in disgust Ms Mwau was last week on record as having said in a recent interview that when she hired her current female bodyguard, she had a few specifications that she required of the potential gaurd, including that an applicant should be a non smoker and a non "fanatical Christian”. This coming from the minister of labor. In her own words practicing discrimination based on religious belief. How can a country like Kenya progress with such stupidity at the highest levels of government .The next thing you know the government will be recruiting Kenya airways pilots and asking for non Muslim applicants? If anything Ms Mwau should resign from government and keep off from the public. How can a minister in the Ministry of labor be on record as being a bigot and flaunting the fact that she discriminates against born again Christians in a country where labor laws specifically make it a crime to discrininate based of religion. It just makes me sick to see a country like Kenya run by people such as Ms Mwau. What message is she sending out to born again christians who work across kenya.what of the hundreds and indeed thousands of military and police officers christians and muslims who are committed to their faith .what message is she sending out to them.. the quality of some members of parliament both in government and in opposition is shocking and very saddening i hope through mzalendo Ms Mwau would like to set the record straight or resign

  • by BRE on 18th September 2006

    I just came over for a visit after seeing a post about this project at Ethan Zuckerman's blog (Sep 15). This service really looks great and I wish you all the luck in the world with it. I hope that Kenyan voters enjoy it and find it very useful and informative, as that will determine its success. Don't forget to submit this project to the Tech Museum Awards competition for 2006/2007, as "mzalendo" would certainly be a finalist in the e-Gov department.

  • by MAKHOHA M on 18th September 2006

    Some time next year, the Orange Democratic Movement (Party of Kenya) and Narc Kenya will debate the important issues facing the country. Since yours truly is descended from a long line of seers and fortune-tellers, the excerpts of that debate can now be brought to you in advance, with minor alterations to avoid accusations of plagiarism. Question: How do you propose to deal with ethnicity? ODM: All the tribes of Kenya are with us. We are the most representative party, region-wise, with a heavyweight from each of the big tribes. How can you go wrong with that unbeatable formula? Everybody will be included, and that way, tribalism will die. Narc-K: We cannot allow our people to be divided along ethnic lines by people who are hungry for power. The era of tribal politics is over. We will print billboards, fliers and T-shirts. We will go on radio and television. Children in school will sing our slogan: One people, one nation, one vision. Question: How about land? Narc-K: We are the party of the squatters and the landless. Look at the number of title deeds we have issued for the brief period that we have been in power. Give us more time and everybody will be settled on their own piece of earth. Everybody must own a piece of Kenya. In fact, after our land distribution programme is over, we shall ban the issuance and use of identity cards. Only a land title deed shall in future be accepted as proof of citizenship. ODM: Our party has a very original position on land, unlike some parties that have been stealing our ideas. You cannot keep dishing out land without expanding it. We shall immediately begin a programme to create more land so that Kenyans never want for it. We shall reclaim land from the forests, the mountains, the rivers and the lakes. Also. land under Kenya's territorial waters will be reclaimed, just as happened in the Netherlands. There is no point in having so much water in the Indian Ocean when Kenya can enjoy international waters and reclaim its land from the sea. It is a win-win situation. Question: The economy is growing, but not enough people are feeling the effects - Narc-K: Those are dishonest people who hate their country and are always finding fault with the Government. Kenya is a very oppositionist and self-hating society. The economy has made three big leaps from sub-zero to a two-digit growth. We fixed the economy and we shall fix it again. Even the people saying they are not feeling the effects of growth are paying taxes. You can't pay taxes unless you are making money. Just look at our revenue collection. ODM: The economy has been growing for the rich only, while the poor have been growing poorer. We are going to get elected because the majority of the people in this country are poor. They live on less than a dollar a day. Those are our voters, and there is no way any party can take them away from us. We are ready to fight. We are studying the wealth distribution models used in Cuba and the former Soviet Union with a view to domesticating some of them in Kenya. Question: What do you plan to do about youth unemployment? ODM: We are the party of youth and we always look after our own. Just look at the way our rallies are run. They are full of youth. You might think that those youths are idle, but Kenyans have long moved from that stage where they look at employment as having a white-collar job. There are many jobs, such as providing security during political rallies. And you might notice that despite the Government's hostility to our popular party, none of our leaders has ever been roughed up or ejected from a meeting. Narc-K: No, no, no. These are some of the distortions the opposition has been allowed to get away with for so long. We created a Ministry of Youth Affairs. We created a youth fund, we created 500,000 jobs every year, and we gave the youth free primary education. We grew the economy, we repaired roads. Youth are the majority in this country. Any positive move that the Government makes must have an effect on the majority, so the youth have benefited from everything the Government has done. Question: What is your strategy for addressing corruption? Narc-K: All the corruption cases we have been dealing with in our first five years are a result of Kanu's reign. We have been so busy as a government with Kanu's corruption that we have hardly had the time to create our own. This, obviously, is a serious shortcoming and we plan to act on it. But who is making noise? Our opponents were all in Kanu. This is why we are not doing coalitions with anybody. We might find ourselves in bed with Kanu, and then we would be forced to learn corruption from them. As if we cannot invent our own scandals. Shindwe! ODM: Corruption must start from the top. That is why we are interested in getting to the top. This time round, we are not playing second fiddle. When a fish starts to rot, it starts from the head. That is why we want to start eating the fish-head before it rots. Question: Is Kenya ever going to get a new constitution? ODM: We have already finished with the constitution. Two weeks after we take power, we shall promulgate the Bomas Draft without punishing wananchi with a lengthy and divisive process like a referendum. This is their document, and they must live under it. In the meantime, we must continue to have minimum reforms until we get into power. Narc-K: Although we are the party of maximum reforms, we recognise that no one ever makes a constitution in peacetime. In order to give Kenya a constitution, we would have to go through a war, which is something our party is giving a lot of thought to. That is the only way we can have a constitution.

  • by Meskel Square on 21st September 2006

    Moving on from the Digital Indaba... It is now almost a week since the Digital Citizen Indaba - a two-day conference on blogging in Grahamstown (see pic) in the bottom right hand corner of South Africa. Overall it was a huge success. One way of judging......

  • by mzalendo :: Eye On Kenyan Parliament » MP Ukur Yatani (North Horr) exemplifies the spirit of Mzalendo on 16th October 2006

    [...] We recently made it clear that Mzalendo welcomes participation from MPs. One way in which we expected the participation to occur was through the MP comment function. When we set up the function, we relied on a healthy dose of blind faith and non-cynicism..for the comment function to truly function as we intended it we presumed MPs would read, and where pertinent respond to, comments from their constituents. [...]

  • by Nyagweth on 24th January 2007

    This ever used comment''people hungry for power'' does not fit and it would be better if Nark-k people stoped using it. How would you know they are not hungry for power? If they cannot really proove this in their context then they better leave and stop asspirring for the powerful seat. The truth is, no one is hungry for power if you have the right heart of using that power. which the current president has not shown following his missuse of power. I believe every one want to be powerful but not everyone does use it for the right reason. The only way I would say some one is hungry for power, is not their desire to be powerful but the reason why they want to be powerful. If it is the desire then I myself do and yes every one does.

  • by Susan on 25th March 2007

    Can Alfred Nderitu of Mwea constituency know that we as people of mwea are totally sick of his snail pace nature of bringing tangible developement in Mwea. What a long time to wait for the road between kimbimbi and VI (through Togonye) to be tarmacked since he promised us when we first elected him, the road passes through a very productive zone in terms of horticulture and he is totally ignorant of this. No electricity in the rural areas, no medicine in hospitals, he should wake up and stop wasting chances, he either acts or face the people's court this December. Cant he learn from MP's neighbouring him like Martha Karua? Nderitu, we cant contact you, look at learned people like Munyes giving their email to the public, we need transparent and reachable MP's some of us are not in Kenya to come looking for you in your office, but we are interested in the development of our constituents! Wake up man!

  • by isacko, on 3rd April 2007

    i really wonder when will these govt know that insecurity is a big issue in kenya. Hon. michiki im greatly unhappy with you and your docket infact even when i hear your name i just loss appetite if its lunch hour and greatly umused if is news hour ;all these is bcz of the issue of insecurity,just imagine how radiclous it is kenya chairs security matter internationally but within we are suffering look at whats happening in mt.elgon,marsabit,moyale,laikipia,samburu nad gachie too. why are the childrens of late 5 m.p ancluding other dignitories are opharns if marsabit(GABRA AND BORANA) was a better place to live for kenyans who hail from there. mungiki,kamjesh,jeshi la mzee, taliban,olf,shifta,rty,sindarec nad oher minor groups are all threat to very sure some of these group are registrered as CBOs and NGOs or else muchiki doesnt know of its existance.