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Posted by on 10th August 2006

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Parliament went on a two month recess last week. This despite the backlog of pending Bills that need to be passed. That means we are in for two months of useless politiking around the next elections rather than focusing on the challenges facing the country. The major newspapers don’t seem to want to be left far behind in the election fever with today’s Standard devoting no less than six headlines to speculation around snap polls and 2007 elections.

Wouldn’t it be great to see the same number of articles highlighting how ineffective Parliament has been? Owino Opondo’s recent article on the recess and the shoddy nature of committee work is a great example of what we should be seeing.

The recess is ostensibly supposed to facilitate important committee work, but if the recent non-appearance of 11 out 13 members of the Public Investment Committee is any indication (and they get paid Kshs 5,000 for each appearance!) we can expect more of the same from our MPs.

An aside: You mean these guys were getting paid even if they didn’t show up???

In other Parliament news (source Daily Nation):
– The Government blocked attempts to introduce the Freedom of Information Bill in Parliament before went on recess. Its enactment would result in the repeal of the Official Secrets Act and also provide for the whistle blower protection.

– The Government voted against another motion to replace members of the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights whose term.

Quote of the day: “Sometimes there was no quorum even as we passed important Bills here…This annoys the public that pays us fairly good salaries.” ~ Moody Awori


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  • by acolyte on 10th August 2006

    The fact that these muppets do anything to avoid doing any work of substance in addition to blocking the Freedom of Information Bill just makes my blood boil!

  • by udi on 10th August 2006

    Those clowns are so funny

  • by bankelele on 10th August 2006

    Looking forward to visiting parliament more when they resume. It's being a real eye opener and I look forward to the day when local TV will start C-SPAN type coverage of Parliament in the afternoon's.

  • by prousette on 11th August 2006

    They go on recess just when I was making arrangements for a day in parliament! I hope they come back soon.A real disappointment our parliamentarians are.

  • by grd2day on 14th August 2006

    is there no way that these people can be held in check. What there was of accountability before Kibaki's election died with his election. how can an unaccountable government and unaccountable opposition (since no one can seem to remain partisan when dollar signs flash in front of their eyes) defy a vote of no confidence as evidenced in the referendum result and subsequently invent new travel expenses and avod attending committee meetings while the backlog of cases piles up further and further? by using the thing which flashes "in front of their eyes" on those they have somehow been voted in by and should but dont represent.

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